Paddle Board Lessons

If you're new to SUPs and are looking to improve your skills, this is a great option for you! This is a class for the person who has never been paddle boarding before, or is still new to SUP.

Class sizes range anywhere from individual instruction to a maximum of five participants. Private lessons are also available upon request.

Each class includes 30 minutes of land instruction and 1.5 hours on the water having fun.

The land portion of instruction covers basic water and paddle sports safety, education on the boards and how to know which one is best for you, and basic paddling techniques.

The water portion of instruction covers how to launch boards into the water, how to get on and off the boards, paddle stroke techniques, how to execute basic turns, as well as refining techniques and practical skills like reading the water and navigation. 

Classes are taught by our American Canoe Association Level 2: Essentials of Stand Up Paddleboarding certified instructor, Dennis.

Classes take place on Sunday mornings at the Leonardtown Wharf.