One of the best boards to paddle right out of the box, the Big EZ Hawaiian, as its name implies, is the easiest board to learn on for a person of any size or skill level. It’s a classic SUP that is an essential all around paddle board for your quiver. The Big EZ Hawaiian is the mother of all Pau Hana’s paddle boards as the primary design goal back in 2007 was to be stable enough for anybody to ride in choppy water. This is the best family paddle board.

  • Anybody can stand up and ride this paddle board the first time.
  • Two people can SUP it together.
  • It can be outfitted with a SeaMount® drink holder, paddle clip, and d-rings.
  • There is plenty of room for a kid or a dog, and they won’t fall off.
  • You can fish from it.  
  • It’s stable for paddle board yoga.  
  • It’s a great board for learning to surf.  

The Big EZ can be used for almost various SUP activities, everything from carrying extremely heavy loads or taking a bunch of gear. It’s one of the most versatile all around boards there is. It comes with 8 SeaMounts so adding drink holders, paddle clips, and tie downs are simple and easy.

Because it’s so versatile it comes in multiple constructions. The Woody construction is a beautifully crafted epoxy board that is completely wrapped with 100% wood veneers of bamboo and cat eye. The Ricochet™ construction is a light-weight epoxy board that is super tough, the fiberglass treated with Ricochet™ can withstand blows up to 1000 psi, with a matte finish. The EPX construction is a light-weight classic build with multiple color options and a smooth glossy finish.


Pau Hana 11'0'' | BIG EZ HAWAIIAN

Color: Brown
  • Weight: 30 lbs

    Length: 11' 0"

    Width: 32"

    Max. Capacity: Beginner - 237 lbs

                            Intermediate - 271 lbs

                            Advanced - 317 lbs

  • All returns are in the form of store credit.